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Teammates needed!

Every ministry needs a team. Thus far, I've been largely walking this writing road alone, writing because I can't help writing but tend to let the files just sit idle on my hard drive.

Over the past year, I realize I've walked to the very edge of the pool and stand poised to dive in: to actually publish something. But this is a complicated endeavor, it seems. More complicated than zipping on a g-suit, donning a helmet and strapping on an F-16.

So I'm asking if you would prayerfully consider being part of one of the following two teams:

1. The book launch team for A God's Eye View: Survey for Yourself the Bible's Big Picture.

2. The Next Step Studies (NSS) team - the folks that God will use to either make this ministry fly or make it clear that He has a different direction for us.

You might also be interested in joining our Wednesday evening Zoom group where we will go through the information on WHY the Bible?

What's involved? Keep reading...

1. Book Launch Team

Every book needs a Launch Team. I'd love for you to join mine! What does it involve?

  1. Fill out the form and let me know why you're interested.
  2. Download a couple chapters of A God's Eye View to look over at your convenience.
  3. Buy the book and review it on Amazon during the first week it's out, probably in May. (I do plan to discount it.) But I'm sorry, there is no e-version.
  4. Pass on this invitation to any spiritually serious folks you may know.

If you are in, please fill out this form and I'll be in touch via email shortly!

And thank you for considering it!

Join Launch Team for
A God's Eye View

2. Next Steps Studies Launch Team

Here are the specific ways you might help over the next 6ish months, until the end of August. I'm asking if you'd consider doing ONE of the following, unless you want to do more:

  1. Pray. I'll email you monthly or just before big events so that you can pray for the current needs.
  2. Give me feedback on the NSS website, forms, links, verbiage, etc.
  3. Take one or more of the NSS courses (video, email or Zoom; you need to create an account in order to see the courses) and give me honest feedback.*
  4. Join the Facebook group and give me honest feedback, and perhaps drive some discussion there.
  5. Join the "launch team": Purchase A God's Eye View: Survey for Yourself the Bible's Big Picture from Amazon when it comes out in March or so, and leave a review as a verified purchaser. I'll send a couple chapters to look at ahead of time.
  6. If you'd like to offer a specific expertise in the writing or publishing industry (editing, marketing, etc), I'd love to talk further.

 *Courses are all free. Video course is five 30-ish minute classes covering WHY we trust the Bible. Email course covers WHAT is in the Bible.

Apply for the Next Step Studies Launch Team

3. Wednesday Eve Zoom Group

Want to try a Next Step Study "live" on Zoom? Wednesday evenings 8:35-9:45 Eastern time, Feb 17 through March 31, 2021. We'll discuss "WHY the Bible?" in the areas of:
1. Science and the Bible
2. The biblical Text
3. Predictions (prophecy)
4. What the Bible says about itself

What's involved? The weekly meeting plus about 15 minutes of research time before each meeting so that you can share with the group what you've learned.

Join the Wednesday Evening Group

Want to take a look at A God's Eye View before you decide?

If you want to take a look at the workbook before you join the effort, sign up here to get the intro and first chapter as a PDF download.

What are the Next Step Studies?

They are a series of steps you may take in your spiritual journey designed to build a foundation for growing in life and in love. Read more here.

Step #1 is WHY the Bible? Why do we care about the Bible? How do we know we can trust it?

Step #2 is WHAT is in the Bible. This is covered in the workbook, A God's Eye View.

Step #3 is HOW do we study the Bible, which is coming soon.

Step #4 is how to TEACH the Bible. If you really want to learn, teach. Not ready to teach? Walk through these steps with me.

These just might be the Next Steps in your spiritual journey.

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