A God's Eye View


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From A God's Eye View, WHAT is in the Bible?

It all began with nothing. And in the end, God wins. In between, a whole lot has happened. And is continuing to happen. Where do we fit in this big story? And why do we care?

This workbook, A God's Eye View: Survey for Yourself the Bible's Big Picture, guides you through the Big Picture story as told by the most reliable source on earth (scientifically hundreds of times more reliable than any other source, but that's part of my course on WHY the Bible?).

Enough words are provided to keep you oriented, but as you read the recommended Bible passages each day, you'll discover for yourself the Big Picture and what it means to you. Here. Today.

Six days each week for either six or thirteen weeks (your choice) you'll read and journal just enough to further the story another step. Along the way you'll learn how the Bible is organized (it really is organized!) and how to understand the different genres of writing it contains.

As the entire Big Picture story unfolds up to its dénouement at the cross, resurrection and ascension, you'll observe the Author at work. And maybe even begin to see Him at work in your own life today.

A God's Eye View
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Meghan S.

This study has grown my understanding of the overarching story of God’s righteousness, grace, and consistency woven into the Bible. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, young and old, who is looking for a guided tour through God’s Word!

Not convinced yet? Take a look.

If you're not sure you want to jump in with two feet just yet, try it out for yourself. Sign up here to get the first two chapters as a PDF download.

Ready to dive in deep?

Go invite a friend or a group to go through this study with you. At the end of each chapter is a lesson plan for a group meeting. Each person in the group will bring a piece of the story to share at each meeting. Together the whole group will pitch in to build the whole Big Picture, and as you share with each other, you'll learn far more about the Author and what He's doing today!

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Julie Schuster

"There are so many topical books that we study as Christians, but do we really need anything other than God's Word to speak to us? A God's Eye View gets you right into God's word and His message of grace, hope, love and salvation available to all."

Alicia Spear

 “This study is an excellent way to be exposed to the books of the Bible, their writers, the historical situation they were in, and how it applies to our lives today.  Well worth your time!!!”

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Laura Nagg

I loved this study because we were deep in Scripture and were able to connect major ideas and themes, pointing all back to God. It was a refreshing and impactful way of studying the Bible.

Step 2: WHAT is in the Bible?

A God's Eye View is the second step in the Next Step Studies series.

Step #1 is WHY the Bible? Why do we care about the Bible? How do we know we can trust it?

Step #2 is WHAT is in the Bible? This is covered in the workbook, A God's Eye View: Survey for Yourself the Bible's Big Picture.

Step #3 is HOW do we study the Bible? which is coming soon.

Step #4 is How to TEACH the Bible. If you really want to learn, teach. Not ready to teach? Walk through these steps with me. Coming soon.

These just might be the Next Steps in your spiritual journey.


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