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What are the Next Step Studies?

Together, the Next Step Studies are a series of studies designed to lead you toward a sufficient biblical literacy that you can study and teach the Bible using the Bible itself, instead of other books to guide you.

WHY? Because the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions (2 TImothy 4:3). Friends, this is happening today. We need to test everything; hold fast what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21). But in order to test everything against Scripture, we need to know Scripture.

WHAT are the Next Step Studies?

Step #1: WHY the Bible? Why do we care about the Bible? How do we know we can trust it?

Step #2: WHAT is in the Bible? This is covered in the workbook, A God's Eye View: Survey for Yourself the Bible's Big Picture.

Step #3: HOW do we study the Bible? Coming soon.

Step #4: How to TEACH the Bible. If you really want to learn, teach. Not ready to teach? Walk through these steps with me. Coming soon.

These just might be the Next Steps in your spiritual journey.

HOW do I take my Next Step? Next Step Studies are available as:

  1. Email courses - you receive roughly one email per day for the duration of the course.
  2. Video courses - you register, then log-in, go to your library and watch your next class at your convenience.
  3. Live (Zoom) courses - you follow the Zoom link emailed and join other folks as we learn together. See dates below.
  4. Workbook course - WHAT's in the Bible is also available as a workbook (due out May 2021).

Facebook communities are also available for connection.

(Some of the options above are still being built. Sign up for our email list to find out when they become available.)

Commenting on "WHAT's in the Bible?":

"More than a survey of the Bible this helps you see the heart of Scripture and how it connects from beginning to end. Whether you have been a Christ follower for many years or a few seconds, this journey through Scripture will bring clarity as well as a hunger for more of God's Word."

- Anna, on WHAT's in the Bible and A God's Eye View

Step #1: WHY the Bible?
Scratch the surface of the massive block of evidence that supports the Bible's absolute certainty. We'll look into what SCIENCE has to say about the Bible, the biblical TEXT, the fulfillment of biblical predictions (PROPHECY) and what the Bible has to say for itself. You'll walk away with basic, reputable resources to defend your own beliefs and do your own research.  A brief leaders' guide is provided if you should choose to do this with another person, which is HIGHLY recommended. You'll both learn tons more!

Live course: Feb 17-April 7, 2021.

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Step #2: WHAT is in the Bible?
With the help of a workbook called A God's Eye View: Survey For Yourself the Bible's Big Picture (due out in 2021), you'll journey through the whole Bible to view its Big Picture Story. In the process, you'll come to understand the Author more intimately as well as your own place in the story and your appropriate response.

Check out the email course as you wait for the book. Or preview the workbook by downloading the first two chapters. Find out more.

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Step #3: HOW to study the Bible
Benefit from a camp- and seminary-trained Bible teacher with 35+ years of experience with a wide variety of situations, groups and individuals as you learn HOW to study and teach the Bible for yourself. You'll walk away with a full, balanced tool box of Bible study practices and the knowledge of how and when to use each one. (Coming soon!)

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Step #4: How to build and teach a Bible study from the Bible itself

Lead your group or mentee into an encounter with the Holy Spirit as He speaks through the Bible, without the added lens of a human-authored book guiding your study. Afford them an experience of how the Word interacts with their life today. You'll learn to a simple way to build effective Bible studies, engaging for all ages, that pave the way for lasting life change. (Coming soon!)

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"Not many Bible studies out there tackle the perspective of the big picture. I found it challenging and soon realized this was a unique way to study the bible that allowed me to capture and remember the highlights of God's word."

- Julie, on WHAT's in the Bible and A God's Eye View

WHY the Bible?

Video Course

Explore how science and studies of ancient manuscripts combine to prove that we really can trust the Bible we have today. Read, hear and research how the Bible itself confirms its own certainty.

Come find out just how much evidence there is!

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WHY the Bible?

Email Course

Learn how geology, archaeology, textual criticism and Scripture itself support the Bible's veracity. You'll walk away with an arsenal of reputable links for further research, and be even more certain that the Bible is fully worthy of your trust.

Come find out just how much evidence there is!

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What's in the Bible?

Email Course

Get to know the Artist by seeing His Big Picture. Watch how He links together all the individual Bible stories into one Grand Narrative. Take this next step in your spiritual journey by reading one email per day for about 14 weeks. Together these notes will tell the story from Creation to Amen.

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Should YOU take a Next Step Studies course?

Do you want to explore whether the Bible really is trustworthy?
Or be able to explain why you believe it?

Do you desire to know more of what is in it?
Or to understand the Big Picture story it contains?

Do you long to study it for yourself?
Or to lead a study based on the Bible itself, without a guide book?

Do you feel it's time to be teaching what you've learn…
But aren't sure how?

This might be your answer!

The Next Step Study series walks you through four courses that will equip you not only to answer some the hard questions, but to know where to go when you need to find answers. You'll observe the Bible's Big Picture story, understand how it fits together and how it impacts us today, and you'll walk away with the confidence and tools to explore God's Word for yourself. And then to go on to teach it, as God calls.

Eventually NSS will be a two year commitment that will walk you through each of the four steps then coach you through your first ventures into teaching and discipling. It includes regular Zoom meetings and a private Facebook group of folks on the journey with you.

You can register for an individual course or the entire journey.

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